With over a decade of experience in International Business, based out of Hong Kong,
we provide products and services in various domains listed below.

Technology Innovation

Xanlock an innovative app based security system, not just prevents theft of mobile phones and tablets, but also offers insights into user behaviour and other data management tools.

Xanwatch is our footfall analytics software used both for footfall counting and analytics. We have tools for content management of digital signage as well.

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Distribution Network

We hold marketing rights to various reputed brands with at times exclusive distribution rights across the world. With massive success of Xanguard in Indian market, we intend to replicate the success in other markets as well, for which we seek country specific distributors.

Sourcing and Manufacturing

With a team of professionals based out of Hong Kong and Shenzen, we have unique ability to source the best of factories for supply of quality products at most affordable prices. With dedicated manufacturing capabilities Entasis has full control of the quality and production standards of the products.